Valaisun - Apartment House in Loèche

Apartment House in Loèche

Overview of residence

The construction consists of 2 adjoining buildings with staggered half a level relative to the other. The implementation includes a basement partially buried and 3 floors on the ground floor.

The 'West' part is composed of 8 apartments, or 2 by levels. The basement includes common 8 parkings a basement apartment, a communal laundry room, a local Concierge, as well as technical space for all of the residence, either local tank, boiler room and electrical room.

The 'East' part is composed of 13 apartments, 3 levels an one in Attica. The basement includes a common 13 parking, a cellar apartment, a common laundry room and a concierge room.

The ground floor apartments have a terrace, while the apartments all floors have a balcony to a depth of at least 180 cm. Each accommodation is equipped with a fireplace. For the 2 buildings, on the ground floor is of course the main entrance with the cage stairs and elevator, as well as a room for bicycles, strollers, and skis. Moreover, in the 'West' property is an equipped fitness a sauna as well as a cloakroom with shower for the users of the residence.



Quick specs

studios, 2,5, 3,5 et 4,5 rooms
De 56m2 à 134m2 m2 liveable, inclus en copropriété m2 of ground

Prix sur demande

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